Don't Rubbish Our Beaches

Bayside Mayor Bill Saravinovski has welcomed a petition started by a local resident waging war on beach goers leaving their rubbish on the beach and destroying the visual amenity of the foreshore.

“The more attention this issue gets the more chance we have of winning the war. We should not have to spend more ratepayer’s money because people are just too lazy to use the bins provided,” Mayor Saravinovski said.

“We invest substantial funds ensuring those wanting to enjoy our foreshore are greeted each day with a beautiful clean beach and parkland. Thanks to an 
NSW EPA grant 50 new bins will be installed on the beach to make it easier for beachgoers to dispose of their rubbish.”

Bayside Council dispatches 30 staff every morning to clean the beachfront and surrounding parklands stretching from the Kyeemagh boat ramp to the end of Riverside Drive in Sans Souci.

“Staff leave the area spotless and they return each morning to find it trashed. I don’t know why anyone would think it was ok for someone else to clean up after them, or pick up their child’s dirty nappy because they are too lazy to walk to a bin or take it home and put it in their own bin.  It is soul destroying,” Mayor Saravinovski said.

The beach is raked daily in summer

The beach is raked seven days a week during summer and five days a week during winter. This work is managed around tidal restraints and the large number of beach users in summer.

Regulations Officers patrol the beachfront area and can issue fines to anyone caught littering. Additional Council Regulation Officers to patrol the beaches, parks and reserves on foot during summer handing out rubbish bags to anyone who needs one.

Rangers hand out litter bags

Bayside Council takes a proactive approach to littering. Council rangers engage with groups on the beachfront advising them of the penalties for littering, pointing out the nearest waste bins and handing out litter disposal bags.

Published on: Mon, 21/01/2019 - 15:51
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