Butt out of Bayside

Bayside Councillors last night unanimously voted to oppose the boundary changes put forward by Georges River Council to take over part of Bayside and they called on all residents and key stakeholders to join them in sending a very clear message to Georges River Council to: “Butt out of Bayside.”

In August Georges River Council formally resolved to consult on a proposed boundary change which would see them take over a portion of the foreshore together with Monterey, Sans Souci, Ramsgate, Ramsgate Beach and Dolls Point.

Slamming the proposal as ridiculous Mayor Joe Awada called on all residents and key stakeholders to take part in the consultation process and send a strong message to Georges River to butt out of Bayside.

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“Georges River has adopted this motion without any consultation with either myself or the General Manager. It was nothing more than a thought bubble conceived on the floor of their Council Chamber during a debate about their boundary with Canterbury Bankstown."

“It has no merit or substance,” Mayor Awada said.

“The reality is we now have to devote a huge amount of time, money and resources fighting a land grab that is a whim and not based on logic or on what is best for the community,” Mayor Awada said.

"Money, time and resources would be better invested in providing infrastructure or services for our residents.”

Bayside Council will prepare a detailed submission and mount a local awareness campaign urging the community and key stakeholders to go on line and complete the survey sending a very firm NO to Georges River.

Council’s submission to the Minister for Local Government will strongly oppose the proposal based on the impact and cost, the disruption to budget, asset management, staffing and service provision.

The land grab by Georges River Council includes a number of key facilities and services which Bayside Council has invested millions of dollars in upgrading such as Depena Reserve, Scarborough Park, Pine Park, Tonbridge Park and Amenities, the first class Archery Centre at AS Tanner, the Ramsgate Life Saving Club, the renewed Ramsgate Beach Town Centre as well as beaches and swimming enclosures.

It also includes the newly acquired childcare centre, Garrigarrang, which is due to open next year.

“We have worked hard across the whole of Bayside working to improve, not only the visual amenity and community assets, but also the quality of life for our residents,” Mayor Awada said.

“We are not about to give it all away without a fight and I am confident that the Minister and the Boundary Commission will also see it for what it is, nothing more than a whimsical land grab."

Published on: Thu, 10/12/2020 - 14:11
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