Assessment and application outcomes

During the assessment process you can track the progress of a DA online, including all information submitted with the DA and any additional information provided, and determination outcome

Tracking your DA online

Customer Service will provide you with a receipt of payment and registered DA number to acknowledge we have received your application. You are then able to track the progress of the application online.

Requests for additional information

Council may further request additional and/or revised information in order to adequately assess your application. Council's Housing Applications Policy commits Council and Applicants alike to the timely assessment of applications and it is therefore essential that you respond within the 14 day timeframe provided.

Failure to lodge the requested information, including not responding in time or not providing the right information, will result in your proposal being determined on the basis of the information before Council, which will likely result in refusal.


Once your proposal has been assessed by a Planner, it will be determined by the relevant Officer delegated authority or by Council after receiving a recommendation by the Bayside Planning Panel.

You will receive a Notice of Determination which will provide you with an outcome of assessment with either conditions of consent or reasons for refusal.

Assessment and application outcomes
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