Have Your Say

Have Your Say

Well planned engagement provides ideas and an opportunity for a diverse range of voices to be heard on any issue, promotes a higher standard of customer service, a better understanding of the ‘decisions to be made,’ and more opportunity for meaningful feedback.

Effective community engagement is built on trust, respect and goodwill. Council’s commitment to community engagement is underpinned by the following principles:

  • Community engagement will be only be undertaken where there is an opportunity for the community to influence Council’s decision or action.
  • Community engagement will contribute to and inform the development and enhancement of Council’s plans and policies as well as the delivery of Council’s services and infrastructure assets.
  • An accessible and inclusive program of engagement that includes ‘hard to reach’ groups will be supported by an appropriate, and up to date range of engagement tools.
  • Community engagement will be open and accountable.
  • Council will close the loop on any engagement conducted - letting participants and the community know the outcomes of the engagement activity.

To stay informed about opportunities for community engagement visit our Have Your Say Site and register your interest.

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