Easy to do Business

Helpful tips to help you start a business in our Local Government Area.

Start a Business

Council has partnered with Service NSW to simplify the process for locals to set up a cafe, small bar or restaurant, through the launch of the 'Easy to do Business' program.

The 'Easy to do Business' program is making it faster for entrepreneurs to set up their business in the Bayside Local Government Area.

Through this program, we are making it easier to complete the required applications by streamlining and designing simpler forms.

The program helps remove the duplication of dealing with multiple regulations and agencies to help businesses open their doors faster.

The program streamlines business application processes via an online business portal through Service NSW.

The ‘Easy to do Business’ program creates opportunities for new businesses in the region.

‘Easy to do Business’ is a free service for business owners that offers specialised advice from a business concierge who will help them to navigate the complexities of starting or growing their business.

For more information on the ‘Easy to do Business’ initiative visit the website mybusiness.service.nsw.gov.au.