Bayside Community Satisfaction Survey

Bayside Council is conducting a Community Satisfaction Survey giving Bayside residents an opportunity to provide their feedback on our delivery of services across the local government area.

The Community Satisfaction Survey is your opportunity to provide feedback on the services we provide Bayside, as well as informing the development of our draft Customer Experience Strategy and our review of the 2032 Bayside Community Strategic Plan next year.

The Bayside 2032 Community Strategic Plan is our highest level, long-term plan for Bayside. The plan reflects your vision, aspirations, and priorities for the future, as well as detailing your service delivery expectations for Bayside.

Have Your Say

We invite you to help shape the future of Bayside by completing our survey on Have Your Say. Your feedback will tell us:

  • How we’ve performed so far
  • What we can do better
  • What improvements you would like to see in your area
  • What our priorities should be for the future.

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes, and all your feedback will be used to help us understand how we can improve our performance and services.

Submissions close 11:59pm, 30 September 2023.

More information

Visit the Community Satisfaction Survey Have Your Say page for more information, or contact Bayside Councils Manager, Community Life by email,, or call 9366 3689.