Citizenship Ceremonies

Bayside Council conducts approximately 10 Citizenship Ceremonies throughout the year on behalf of the Department of Home Affairs. If you would like information about the dates of upcoming ceremonies please contact them directly as they manage all waiting lists.

Citizenship Ceremonies have recommenced. The Ceremony will also be live streamed on Council's Facebook page.

How do I apply for Australian Citizenship?

Applications for Australian Citizenship are assessed by the Department of Home Affairs. Information on how to apply for Australian Citizenship is available from the websites of the Department of Home Affairs.

Council is only responsible for conducting Citizenship Ceremonies under delegated authority by the Department. Council has no input into applications or approvals or waiting lists.

Citizenship Application Process

The Department of Home Affairs - Immigration & Citizenship is responsible for, and manages, all Citizenship applications.  

The Department of Home Affairs will notify you when your application has been approved or if it is rejected.

Citizenship Ceremony

The final legal step to Australian Citizenship is to make the Pledge of Commitment aloud at your Citizenship Ceremony which is usually organised by your local Council.

You MUST attend a Citizenship Ceremony and take the Pledge of Commitment to receive your official Citizenship Certificate.

The length of time from when you receive your approval to the time you are scheduled to attend a Citizenship Ceremony at your local Council can vary depending on the number of candidates ahead of you on the waiting list. It can take up to six months.

The waiting lists and the allocation of candidates to each Ceremony is managed by the Department of Home Affairs.

The Department of Home Affairs will send you an invitation approximately 2-4 weeks before your Ceremony advising you of the date, place and time.

If you are unable to attend your Ceremony you must notify the Department of Home Affairs, so you can be provided with another date.

The Department provides a list of candidates to Council. If you do not attend the Ceremony, Council will advise the Department of Home Affairs and return your Citizenship Certificate.

Changed your address?

It is important that you notify the Department of Home Affairs via your ImmiAccount of any changes to your mailing address or contact details.

What documents do I need to bring to take your Citizenship Commitment Pledge?

  1. You will need to provide a current form of photo identification. It can be a current driver’s licence, passport or other official document with a photograph. It must be the original document (not a photograph, photocopy or phone).
  2. Please bring your letter of invitation from the Department of Home Affairs to assist with registration.

What happens during the Ceremony?

You must arrive at the allocate time to ensure your name is marked off and you will be given your allocated row and seat number (e.g.  Row 3 Seat 8). It is important that you remain seated in the allocated row and seat number until after the presentation of certificates.

Please allow approximately 1 to 1½ hours for the actual Ceremony proceedings. 

The Ceremony will include:

  • Live stream of the Ceremony on Council's Facebook page
  • Welcome/Acknowledgement of Country
  • The Citizenship Preamble
  • Welcome and congratulatory messages from the Mayor and Local Members of Parliament or other VIP guests
  • The Minister’s speech is read
  • Pledges of Commitment (Oath or Affirmation)
  • Playing of Australian National Anthem
  • Presentation of Citizenship Certificates
  • Photos will be taken of your Certificate presentation with the Mayor and VIPs as a Ceremony momento and uploaded to a Google Photos album for later free download
  • Ceremony concludes

After the Ceremony

You are now Australian Citizens and eligible to vote in all future elections. Please ensure you complete your electoral roll form (which will be in your Citizenship pack) and send it to the Australian Electoral Commission.

You can have more photos taken with the Mayor.

For further enquiries about your citizenship, please phone the Australian Citizenship Information Line on 131 881.