Sans Souci Catchment

The Sans Souci catchment of 3.1km2 and is bound by Rocky Point Road in the west.

Sans Souci Catchment

The northern extent is Ramsgate Road and includes the uppermost part of the Scarborough Ponds catchment. The catchment is drained by three distinct channels flowing south and discharging to Botany Bay, namely Waradiel Creek, Bado-Berong Creek and Goomun Creek.

Land use within the catchment is dominated by low and medium density residential properties with commercial areas along Rocky Point Road and Russell Avenue. Several parks and reserves are located within the catchment and are generally adjacent to the three creeks. Cardno has completed the draft flood study for this catchment in 2015, this was adopted by the Flood Risk Management Committee in 2015. Council is currently reviewing the flood affected lots based on this study result.

Sans Souci Catchment Map

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